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Ken Dekker is a real estate broker and owner of Keller Williams Solid Rock Realty, a real estate investor and a multimillionaire.  Ken has spoken to groups and coached couples and individuals on succeeding in their finances and relationships.  Through a passion for wealth building, getting his family out of debt and saving his marriage, Ken became a student of the wealthy and then created "The Wealth Formula" so that he could help others follow a proven system and model to becoming wealthy.  Ken lives in Ottawa with his bride of over 30 years and enjoys working with his children and spending time with his many grandchildren.


The inspiration for “The Wealth Formula” came when my father passed away at age 72. He had worked hard all his life and still had consumer debt, a large mortgage on his house and insufficient life insurance to protect those that he loved. His wife had to sell the house because she could not afford it and I bought his burial plot as he had no emergency fund. I decided right there and then that I would not leave those I love with a financial mess when I leave this world. I became passionate about understanding how to build wealth and passing that knowledge on to my children and my grandchildren. “The Wealth Formula” is especially dedicated to Candice, Sacha, Ryan, Amber, Jill and all their children who already number eight!